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Free Sample Dxf Welcome Sign
The sign was quickly created with SignSlapper. First we chose an outer frame from the frame art library. Second, we added the word WELCOME to the sign. Then, we changed the font and font size to best compliment the sign. Within a few seconds, the sign was complete so we clicked the DXF button.
Immediately after changing the outer width to 24 inches, we clicked the Create and Save Dxf File button.
We opened the dxf in a popular CNC machine software. In this case, we went to the File>Import menu and made sure the file type was dxf.
For this particular machine software, we used the Convert to Cut Path function to create the torch lead-ins. Please note: Each CNC cutting system brand or CAD software may have different methods for dxf importing. You need to be familiar with your machine software.
SignSlapper has 2 different dxf file formats that you may choose between in the Program Settings.
We have provided this sample welcome sign in each of the formats. For best results, save the dxf file on your computer or thumb drive before opening.
Welcome Sign Format 1
(works on 80% of all CNC machine software such as Plasmacam)

Welcome Sign Format 2
(works with AutoCad, CorelDraw and some other CAD software)
Installs on PC (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista) SignSlapper works on some Windows XP computers with .net installed
Works great with PlasmaCam software, Design-Edge, Samson, Torchmate CAD, DynaTorch, as well as many other plasma, water-jet and laser cutting tables*.
*PlasmaCAM, Torchmate, PracticalCNC, DynaTorch, Samson, Vicon, Tracker CNC, Mach2 and winCNC are trademarks of their respective companies. We are NOT affilliated with any of these companies.